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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Chocolate Chicken Talks With A Fish

Since it's March, I've started my March Knit Something of the Month Club project, which is socks! I should probably explain the title of this blog post, which is also the name of the project. We have a cookie jar (I think that's what she's supposed to be) that's shaped like a chicken living in our kitchen. She's not used for cookies though. She holds chocolate. All the time. She never runs out of chocolate. We call her (...wait for it...) The Chocolate Chicken. It was a big day in Caleb's life when he was deemed old enough to open the Chocolate Chicken and get his own chocolate out. She's also (as if holding chocolate 24/7 wasn't enough) a very colorful, pretty chicken.

A while back, I bought some Fleece Artist Basic Merino Socks in the Jester colorway. When I got it, I realized it had all the same colors as the Chocolate Chicken (it was easier to see their resemblance before I wound the hank into a pull skein). I knew I had to find something special for this Chocolate Chicken yarn. It sat in the stash for several years, but when I was sorting out yarns for my Knit Something of the Month Club, I decided to use it.

The pattern I'm using is The Talking Fish, from The Enchanted Sole. This design is worked sideways and I've never knit a sock sideways before. Cuff down, yes. Toe up, yes. Sideways, not so much. So I'm doing something new on this sock that I've never done before. Also, I'll get to practice on my Kitchener Stitch when I sew the sock together, but honestly, I can't see that it will be any harder than Kitchener Stitching laceweight mohair together and I've done that twice now on the Mohair Bias Loops. So, I give you The Chocolate Chicken Talks With a Fish socks.

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Blogger Connie Peterson said...

I love your chicken! I have a pink depression glass chicken that is a candy container that is USED for candy. I would love to get my hands on a chicken like yours!!

9:43 AM  

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