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Monday, March 07, 2011

The Chocolate Chicken Talks With a Fish

I've gotten some more work done on my March socks! After reading the comments on this pattern on Ravelry, I found that making the socks exactly as they are written (the number of repeats) made them too wide for a lot of people. I'm paying attention to how wide my knitting is, knowing that I like my socks to fit a bit snug on my foot, so that I don't make them too big around.

When I first started knitting socks, I lucked out on the fit of the first few pairs, but I still remember the pair that I knit that didn't fit. I had followed directions perfectly (just like all the other patterns I had worked to that point) and they came out way too wide. That's when I realized that socks have gauge too and that not all designers have narrow feet like I do. I knew to check gauge on sweaters and big projects, but it didn't occur to me to check gauge on socks. Big lightbulb moment for me! Of course, after knitting as many socks as I have at this point, I can usually figure out how to get a pattern to fit by looking at the stitch count. I've learned how many stitches at which gauge works for my foot and just adjust from that. Everything I've figured out about socks up to this point has been thrown out the window on this pair though - knitting them sideways has me checking and rechecking myself.

Oh and just to tease you a little about what I did this weekend, I'm not ready to give details yet but it rhymes with "Pew Nattern." I'm hoping to get it finished and launched this week or next, so stay tuned! (I told you I was going to do more designing this year!)

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Blogger Connie Peterson said...

It really does look like a fish! Can't wait to see that Pew Nattern.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Janet A said...

I discovered that it is hard to knit socks to fit someone other than myself.

I don't know if you answer questions but mine is this. Does designing come naturally or can it be learned?

9:33 PM  

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