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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blaze of Glory

Work continues on my Vitamin D cardigan and I'm getting closer to separating the sleeves from the fronts and back! I didn't actually work on it at all yesterday, I was finishing up another project that I'll show you tomorrow. Even though I skipped a day, I feel like I've got a pretty good start on my cardigan at this point.

I know Logan talked yesterday about the dog/cat mingling that happened the other day, but there were a couple of things that I was very happy about in their encounters. First of all, Shibori tends to be kind of shy around dogs that are not his, so for Shibori to come out at all and then to growl and hiss at Logan (instead of just running away), was pretty brave. It had to help Shibori's confidence that Logan's response was to back away slowly until he was hiding behind me. The other thing that made me happy was Logan's response to Shibori. No, it wasn't the most manly thing to do, but it showed me that Logan respects the hiss and growl from a cat. This will be good whenever Logan gets a kitty of his own. We're not quite sure how much cat interaction Logan has had because while the breeder we got him from had house cats, she left it up to the cats to decide whether they wanted to interact with the puppies or not. Apparently there was a kitten there while Logan was there and the kitten was more social with the pups, so the chances are probably good that Logan has done more than see a cat, but we just don't know. The important thing is, he realized that Shibori meant business and he respected that, backed off and no one got hurt, which could easily happen accidentally due to Logan's size.

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