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Monday, November 28, 2011

November's Knit Something of the Month Project

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving if you're here in the US!  We did, complete with way too much food, and a kitten with no table manners, and James Bond.  Max eventually fell asleep in my lap under the napkin and then we didn't have to fight him so much.  Last year of course, we were guarding the food against Logan's expert counter surfing, so fuzzy weirdness is becoming a tradition.  (I'm really hoping that we have no new fuzzy weirdness next Thanksgiving.)

I did get some knitting done this past week although Max doesn't feel as sleepy as I think he should, as often as I think he should and Max doesn't help with knitting.  I finished my first sock for November's Knit Something of the Month project and I've made it past the heel turn on the second sock.  Ordinarily, even though we're two days before the end of the month, I would still have plenty of time to finish this second sock, but Max being Max, I'm afraid it might be a squeaker.  I am determined to stay on track with this though, so it might come down to a battle of wills between me and tiny Maximus.  Or I might just lock myself in the bathroom with my knitting.  That would probably be easier as anyone who's engaged in a battle of wills with a cat can tell you, it won't end well.

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Blogger Connie Peterson said...

Speaking of fuzzies .. want another cat? My sister lost pots and treasured plants yesterday, thanks to a rambunctious 18 month old!! Disasters happen even to the best of cats! Good luck with Max!

10:56 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Can you share the name of the sock pattern? I like how the multicolor yarn is looking.

9:28 PM  

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