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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I've gotten to spend some more time with Horai since I finished Jaali and I've gotten a few more repeats worked on it.  A quick glance at the directions to refresh my memory and I was off and knitting.  This is such a fun stitch pattern to work.  My only complaint on this is that the yarn (ShibuiKnits Silk Cloud) is too slippery on the metal needles.  I tried it on wood needles to start but it's hard to see both strands of yarn on the KnitPicks wood pattern (it's knit with two strands held together).  I really hate the idea of ordering another needle in the solid color because I'm probably going to replace my KnitPicks woods with Dyakcraft woods (I've pretty much already switched from the KnitPicks metal to HiyaHiya, but I don't have one in this big size).  So that means I either cave and order a needle I don't really want (or need beyond this project), or suck it up and just work on this when I can work fairly undistracted so when I do have stitches slip off the needles, I can catch them quickly.  Decisions, decisions...

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