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Monday, July 16, 2012

Round and Round and Round We Go

I'm on the last sleeve now, and I'm past the sleeve cap short rows, so it's just around and around now!  I used DPN's when the circular got too tight on the sleeve cap and that worked pretty well (I think).  There are thousands of yarn ends that need weaving in and it definitely needs blocking, but it's getting there.  I tried it on partway through the last sleeve and it fits (which is always reassuring) and I like the length (also good to know).  One of my photographic assistants (the smaller one) showed up this morning, but he was more interested in the ties on my running shorts than in the sweater.  Taking photos while someone is attacking your waistband isn't really easy.  It's probably not easy being a kitty with all this yarn around either though.  He's started randomly sneaking up and attacking Logan over the weekend.  Usually when Logan is distracted by one of us, Max jumps at Logan's tail/tummy/head/leg/whatever.  Logan is getting a little twitchy.

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