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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Maximus Takes Over the Blog

Normally when Mommy does this blog thing, I am asleep.  After all, I have already woken up with her and entertained all of my humans while they eat breakfast.  I slap Logan around a bit and when Mommy takes the Caleb to school, I settle in for a little nap.  The last couple of mornings have been different around here - the Caleb is doing something called "Euphonium Practice" in the morning.  (Mommy helped me spell that, but only because I don't have opposable thumbs so dictionaries are difficult - I could have totally done it myself with thumbs.)

Whatever this Euphonium thing is, it's not actually here yet, Caleb is practicing with something called the mouthpiece.  It makes funny noises.  Mommy says it sounds like an elephant with gas.  I'm pretty sure this mouthpiece thing is about to die so I'm hanging out with the Caleb so I can gnaw on it as soon as it keels over.  Logan has tried several times to rescue Caleb from the mouthpiece so Mommy puts up the child gate so Logan can't tackle Caleb while he practices.  Everyone around here seems very excited about the mouthpiece so I can't imagine how excited they'll be when the whole Euphonium comes home.  Apparently we're going to be doing this every morning now because when the alarm goes off for Mommy and Me, it's going off earlier.  (Daddy has his own alarm, but I don't have to get up with him because he sometimes works funny hours.  I get up with Mommy.)  Now we get up and have extra time for the Euphonium Practice.

This morning I'm still awake because Mommy went for a run.  I love it when Mommy runs because I can help her stretch out.  I roll around and purr and show her how to do her stretches because everyone knows cats are way better at this stuff than humans.  After supervising the Euphonium Practice and then showing Mommy how to stretch, I think I've done enough today.  I'm going to go get a nap so I can help my humans some more later this afternoon!  I don't know how they got anything done without me!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hugs and scritches, Maximus.

6:20 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

Aww, Max, you're such a good helper. And so cute, too! :)

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aww, Maximus -- you don't know the half of what is to come!

Check out Tuba Christmas performances in your area. This isn't meant to be a joke. Tuba Christmas is a real event that every tuba, euphonium, or baratone player needs to explore. I am a musician, but I don't play any of the afore mentioned instruments, but I wouldn't miss a Tuba Christmas!


Love to all of the household, be they 2 or 4 legged.

7:41 PM  
Blogger Sharon Jones said...

Man, it is hard to leave a comment here. The weird 'proofs' are not even legible in my computer!

7:42 PM  
Anonymous LeAnn in Spokane said...

Hi, Max, I'm Lacie & my mom is a knitter, too. Don't they make the best stuff? Our nights are getting colder here in Washington, so out came the big red mohair shawl - it is the BEST place to take a nap. My dogs are Mischief, Corsdo and Mia - I'm mad at Mia right now - she found a mouse I hid under mommy & daddy's bed. She grabbed it away from me & mommy let her take it outside to play with it. She won't let me out since I'm kitty. Write again soon!

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Judy said...

Hi Max. I'm Tim and I'm in charge of my mother's knitting thingys, making sure they are stored where she can't find them. Yesterday I discovered a needle sized just right for me, but she caught me just as I was jumping off the davenport with it. She said it was an important needle - a cable one, for a current project, and took it back. I'm also working on getting into a new knitting bag that has a ball of yarn in it, but she usually sees me and picks me up if I'm not fast enough. I have a Golden Retriever dog and she is a lot of fun for playing. The rest of the cats are not so much fun. Mother says I'm special!

1:16 PM  

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