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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Hexipuffs Again

I did eight more hexipuffs over the weekend because I just wanted something brainless and easy to work on.  I also sorted my hexipuff yarn, restocked the stuffing bag that rides around with my hexipuffs and counted how many I had.
See this bag?  There are 48 hexipuffs in this Ziploc bag right now.  I'll do two more sometime this week and then start another bag.  50 hexipuffs per bag doesn't squish them and it will make them easier to count when I start getting enough to actually start putting them together. It's also a Max/Logan/dust proof storage solution and as long as Caleb doesn't ever see it, I should be fine.  I feel like I'm actually starting to get somewhere with this project!

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Blogger Cindy/KS said...

Not sure I would ever have the patience to put them together after making them, but am looking forward to seeing what it looks like when you are finished!

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Amy said...

Looking forward to seeing this put together. Which brings to mind - what about Babette?

2:09 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

Wow, I cannot wait to see the blanket when you are finished!

6:12 PM  

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