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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October Knit Something of the Month

I've been working on my Vlad and I'm ready to start the edging now!  I ended up working two extra repeats of the Body Chart, and I think I've probably got yarn to keep going for another repeat or two but the shawl is going to be plenty big as it is.  I've found that if shawls get too big, they're harder to wear (or at least they take too much "management" to wear and often, I just don't feel like fooling around with it), so I tend to grab my medium or small shawls more often.  I know it just looks like a red blob right now, but that's what they all look like unblocked, right?

We had a bit of a setback yesterday on Logan's morning ride to school.  The euphonium fell on him.  Somehow it didn't get in the car quite right and when I turned, it fell on the puppy.  He's fine, but from the squeaking (Logan squeaks like an R2D2 unit) you'd have thought he was being beaten to death by ducks.  He managed to survive and this morning went off without a hitch.  He's still drooling, but he's lifting his head and nose up more and more and when Caleb gets out of the car, he stands up to look around.  I think curiosity is a good thing and might help with the anxiety issues.  Maybe by the time Caleb graduates from High School, Logan will be relaxed in the car!

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Anonymous Amy said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear that the ride for Logan wasn't totally smooth. Luckily they seem to have a short memory for stuff like that!

Looking forward to seeing the shawl finished. :)

12:04 PM  
Blogger Teresa C said...

I keep meaning to suggest this to you. Have you ever seen a Thunder Shirt for dogs?
Basically it is a tight shirt that you snug up around a dogs chest.
Works wonders.
My sister's dog is very shy/timid/scared of loud noises.
Her comfort level with many public situations has improved since we got her a Thunder Shirt. Now she has 2.
If you have ever seen any of Temple Grandin's work with livestock, it is the same concept. Gentle body pressure produces a relaxation response in dogs.
Now, when we snap open a new trash bag, we don't have to find the dog under the bed.
Or, put his crate (safe place) in the car and evaluate if that is calming to him.

8:12 PM  

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