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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Something New

So yesterday I spoke about my own reaction to the chilly weather over the weekend, but I wasn't the only one affected by it.  Caleb and Max were fine - I tossed an extra blanket over Caleb at night and Max sleeps under the covers plastered up against me.  Logan seemed a little cold the first night the temperature dropped.  He didn't just relax and go to sleep, there was a lot of moving around and shaking out his fur (he does that when he comes inside from the cold and I think he's shaking the cold out of his fur).  I put a blanket on him and he settled down and slept just fine the other two cold nights we had.  Clearly, the pup was a bit chilled.

Let me backtrack and explain a little bit here.  When Logan came into our family, we had Finn's bed, which Logan would occasionally sleep on, but more often, he would use it practice his origami skills.  He folded it so many different directions that it was no longer a flat, sleepable shape.  Finally, it was no longer a bed at all but a failed doggy craft project, so we tossed it - there was no fixing it.  I decided to wait until he matured a bit before we got him a new bed.  Also, he had that crazy, thick Canadian coat and laughed in the face of winter - usually with me at the other end of his leash, freezing to death.  Last winter really wasn't winter at all (all the bugs survived), so he didn't really need a bed, and I decided to give him another year to mature.

After the weekend of chilly dog, I decided it was time to get Logan a new bed.  The new bed doesn't lend itself to origami, but it's perfect for curling up and snuggling down into.  Logan seemed very happy with it and likes the way it fits him.  He can either curl up, or flop out of it a bit and has taken naps both ways.  He usually lies in it in the evenings and right when we go to bed, but moves around to the carpet and the tiled bathroom floor as well (the temps are more normal for the season right now, so he isn't chilled at night).  He was very excited to get it and I think he really likes it and I'd bet he'll stay in it all night when the nights get cooler again.
Unfortunately, he isn't the only one who likes it.  Max thinks its perfect and can't believe we found him a bed that is just the right size for him and his enormous personality.  We talked briefly about getting Max a smaller one, but knowing Max, he'd still use the big one and Logan would be cramming himself into the smaller one.  Max uses it during the day and he will get out of it if Logan walks over to it.  (I think this is more due to the fact that they wrestled in it once and Max got himself cornered in the squishy sides than due to any respect Max has for Logan.)  As long as they share it nicely I don't have a problem with them having a communal bed.  It's kind of cute that they're sharing it.

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Blogger Nicole said...

Such cuties! They're both adorable. :)

11:29 AM  

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