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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Spinning

Since I got some spinning on the Majacraft Rose (Arwen) done over the weekend, I decided to start a second spinning project on my Kromski Symphony (Giselle).  I can't remember the last time I spun on Giselle, but with some oiling and adjusting a little bit (the singles won't wind on if the brake band isn't on the bobbin - oops!) she was soon spinning quietly away!  I pulled out some fiber I got from Blue Moon Fiber Arts - this is BFL and Tussah silk in the Rook-y colorway, which is my favorite of the Raven Clan.  I have 8 ounces total of this and I'm spinning the singles at 40 wraps per inch, planning to finish it as a 3 ply.

I always forget the depth of my love for BFL when I'm not spinning it.  I know I love it, I know it's great to spin and practically spins itself, but I forget how much I love it.  The silk in this blend doesn't change the way it spins, it just adds some shine.  I can't remember the exact percentages of the blend and I left the information upstairs, so I'll have to tell you later.

Max also likes Giselle, and while Arwen was a source of curiousity, Giselle got even more investigation.  He was just fascinated and even tried to slap at the flyer a bit - fortunately it was going slowly because I could tell he was going to do something to it, and after a couple of attempts, he stopped trying to touch it.  He spent some time in my lap while I spun on Giselle, and he also got dumped on the floor when he attacked the singles.  He's smart though so he'll figure out quickly that he has to behave if he's going to sit in my lap while I spin.



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