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Monday, June 10, 2013

More Sleeve

I made it past the sleeve cap this weekend and now I'm going round and round and round!  I'm using my little 9 inch long circular for the sleeve because it's faster than double points.  I know that not everyone likes this size for a circular needle (the actual needle parts of the needle are only a couple of inches long), but it works just fine for my hands and the way I knit.

I don't like to purl with this size of needle.  At all.  When I get the sleeve knitted and it's time to do the lower ribbing, I'll switch to double points.  I need more needle to grip or something when I purl and these little circulars just don't work.  This means that I will have used three different needle types/sets on this sleeve when I get it done:  the long circular I used for the short row section, the 9 inch circular, and the double point set.

I remember when I first started knitting and I thought one type of needle (in all the sizes) would work.  Now I know that not only do I need lots of different types of needles, I need them in several different materials too because different yarns work better on different needles.  Of course I also need lots of different needles so I can work on several different projects at once.  Is there ever a point where you have all the needles you need?

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Anonymous Carie said...

Definitely not - even if you had all the needles that are made you'd need a few duplicates for when gets stuck in a WIP!

1:51 PM  

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