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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Heading Towards The Toe

I'm still slowly, but surely knitting on Mickael's Black Sock.  Yes, this is still the first sock.  I'd kind of like to finish it before Camp Loopy starts (June 1), just to have it all finished.  Of course, I'll still have to knit the second one - socks are funny like that.  I know he doesn't need them to wear until late Fall, when the temps will drop, but I'd like to get them all finished for him.

Just as a Public Service Announcement, if you're thinking of going to Yellowstone over the Summer and you wait too long to call for cabin reservations, it's possible that all they'll have (for your family of three) is cabins with a single double bed and shared bathroom facilities (shared with other cabins, not just amongst your family of three).  Oh, and you'll have to change cabins and locations every night.  For obvious reasons, we will not be going to Yellowstone this summer - we'll get our act together faster next time, and reserve a cabin early so we can get one with two beds and it's own bathroom facilities.  More organized families probably don't have these issues.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe not - but more organized families are why the rest of have these issues :)

8:47 AM  

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