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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I got some more work done on Pogona over the weekend (in addition to what I got done on my Camp Loopy Project 2).  This is an interesting pattern, not difficult once you get a feel for it, but different.  I don't think it was an easy pattern to write, but you don't have to refer to the pattern on every row once you understand what's happening.  Unfortunately, everyone understands things differently, so the way I figure out what the pattern is doing is going to be different from the way you understand it.  I guess what I'm trying to say here, is if you knit this (and it is a fun project), as you're following the directions in the pattern, pay attention to what they are actually telling you to do, figure out the differences between the right and wrong sides and you'll find the pattern works up pretty quickly.

In other news around here, I've got running buddies!  I decided last week to start Logan running with me (now that he's three, he's definitely full grown), and starting this week, Caleb joined us!  I've started both of them on the Couch (or in Logan's case Dog Bed) to 5K program because it's what I used when I started running three years ago.  Both of them are doing great but it's very different for me running with other people.  Caleb is easy, he just follows me, let's me set the pace, runs when I run and walks when I walk (I use the Get Running app on my iPhone - it's a very low key British female voice doing the coaching).  Logan is getting the hang of it, but he doesn't always run in a straight line and sometimes cuts right in front of me.  I'm pretty sure that at some point he'll knock me over, but we're working on it.  Also, Logan is funny about people he doesn't know (long story involving an early morning walk and a very weird guy who freaked me out) and while he's learning to keep moving and ignore them, he's still a little jumpy.  There is always a lot of foot traffic on our running route - other runners, walkers, dog walkers, baby walkers - so he's getting plenty of practice.

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