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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Just because you haven't seen any sign of Milano lately doesn't mean it's been forgotten.  I've started the first sleeve.  I've never started anything with magic loop before and the first few rounds, I wasn't sure I was doing it right.  When I finally got a few rounds worked, I could see that everything was alright, but it looked strange for the first half inch.  I thought I might have twisted my work when I joined it to work in the round, I thought I had forgotten how to work a ribbing, I thought I had forgotten how to knit.  It was kind of scary there for a minute!  Fortunately, everything was good and now I'm working my way up the sleeve, and making more ends to weave in!  (I'm still weaving in on the body, or I would be if I'd get back to it - they don't weave themselves in, you know.)



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