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Monday, December 16, 2013

New Things

This weekend I needed to start something new.  I guess I didn’t really need to, but after finishing the sweater and mitts last week, there was room for a new project.  So I went through my patterns and did a bit of stash diving and this is what I came up with:
I’m in the SpaceCadet Mini Skein Club (The Ombre and Gradient Mix) and this was October’s Club offering.  The base is Lucina which has a tiny bit of sparkle in it.  I thought this would be perfect for the Iron Maiden shawl!  The black at the right of the photo is actually some black from The Loopy Solids Series that’s left over from another project.  A few people who’ve knit this have run out of yarn, so if I need a bit extra, I’ll go to the solid black at the end.  I’m also going to use beads - clear with silver lining because, why not?

Also this weekend, Caleb started teaching me to play The Elder Scrolls V:  Skyrim.  I’ve never been any good at playing video games (there are too many buttons on the controller), but Skyrim has a lot of walking around and talking to people in between the battles, so I’m kind of getting the hang of it.  Caleb keeps reminding me to use both joystick thingys at once, and tells me it’s like knitting.  I think using two needles at once is much easier than using two joystick thingys at once.  Caleb also frowns on trading out my battle helmet for the tiara I found and he doesn’t understand that the helmet is messing up my hair!

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