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Monday, November 25, 2013

Fightin’ Words

One word done, one mitt almost done!  We were supposed to have a Major Winter Weather Event this weekend - ice, snow, penguins, the whole deal.  It kind of fizzled out though.  There are tiny icicles hanging off of the bird feeder (less than two inches), and there are some icicles in the trees (so if you’re driving in North Texas this morning, stay out of the trees or you could completely lose control of your vehicle).  I did cook a pot of chili and some Yankee cornbread (sweet cornbread), there was hot cocoa too.  It was a good weekend, even if we didn’t get the storm.

Blogging will probably be sporadic this week, since its Thanksgiving week and all!  Stay warm wherever you are, and if you’re celebrating Thanksgiving this week, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Blogger Maureen Sklaroff said...

Love the pattern! Beautiful colors too! Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

4:32 PM  
Blogger Joan Atkinson said...

Hi Melanie! I couldn't find your email address so I am reaching out through this comment. I am knitting with a group on Mondays and finally managed to conquer socks! Right now I am on my 5th pair. I am looking for a fingerless mitten to wear while shooting photos in the snow; do you have a pattern?

Give my best to Micheal and Caleb,

Aunt Joan
(New Harbor, Maine)

5:55 PM  

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