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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Little Something

I bought a single skein of Sojourn during Miss Bab’s End of Year Sale and as soon as I squeezed the hank of yarn, I knew I wanted to knit it soon.  Actually, if I’m being truthful, as soon as I squeezed the hank of yarn, I wanted to curl up with it somewhere and call it George.  Then I decided knitting it would be a better choice.  You see, Sojourn is a blend of cashmere and silk.  It’s a very nice blend of cashmere and silk - not too shiny from the silk.  It’s soft like baby kitten bellies or Golden Retriever ears.  Soft.  Seriously, everyone should have one skein of this stuff just to pet or ride around on their shoulder.

I decided to make mine into a Pretty Thing.  This is an easy, straightforward pattern meant to use one skein of a special, soft yarn.  Sojourn is perfect for it.  Mine is the Dahlia color way - it’s a warm pink that tips a little bit towards coral.  This thing is crazy soft.

Did I mention how soft this yarn is?

BTW, I added pattern and yarn information to the post from Friday (just below this one) for those who were asking.



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