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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Something New

Last year for my birthday, I got the Redbud pattern and yarn pack.  I’ve done some little, stranded color work projects before, socks and mitts and a hat, but never anything this big and never anything with steeks*.  The Dyakcraft Lovers group in Ravelry is having a steeking KAL and there are one or two people who’ve done lots of steeks who will be there to hold our hand when it comes time to cut them, so I decided this was the perfect time to jump in.

At this point, I’m just past the corrugated ribbing and I’ve almost finished the first stripe.  Little Loopy (the sheep in the red shirt) is there for color correction - I read somewhere that if you are having problems with your camera photographing things in the red family that are not true reds, if you add something to the picture that is a true red, your camera will quit monkeying around with the colors and you’ll get a more color accurate picture.  This is the first time I’ve tried it, and it works for me!  Unfortunately, The Loopy Ewe doesn’t carry this yarn (Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift) or the pattern - I don’t want to mislead anyone.

*If you’re wondering what a steek is, stay tuned - I’ll discuss them when I get to them.  Also, my autocorrect seems to want to change steek to steak or steel.  You’d think by now this computer would know how to knit, right?

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