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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Random Tuesday

Made with Fragment #fragmentapp 
I’ve added about 3 or 4 more inches to my Noro wrap.  It kind of looks the same, so I ran the photo through Fragment to make it more interesting.  Isn’t it more interesting?  Ooooooooh…

Also, I’ve started my fifth ball of yarn on this project.  Since I bought a bag of yarn, and a bag has 10 balls, once I finish this ball of yarn, I’ll be halfway there.  See kids?  You will use all that math you had to learn.  You’ll use it when you knit.  I don’t know what non-knitters use math for.  I guess everyone should learn to knit.

In random news, we got some new sheets.  For years we’ve had solid colored sheets.  Like 19 out of the almost 21 years we’ve been married.  Unfortunately, the majority of nice, solid colored 100% cotton sheets that I’m finding (that will also fit our insanely thick mattress) are sateen weave.  Now a sateen weave looks lovely and feels smooth because it’s 3 over, 1 under (plain weave is over, under, over, under).  By going 3 over, the yarn can reflect the light which adds a sheen to a fiber not normally shiny (cotton), but those long floats also make the fabric more fragile - particularly if you have a cat.  It’s really easy for tiny, kitty claws to snag those floats.  Then your sheets don’t last very long.  So I talked to Mickael about getting printed sheets.  He said he didn’t care, he planned on having his eyes closed while he slept.  I asked him what he thought Max would think.  (Max has some vision issues so I generally try not to freak him out, and he sleeps under the covers every night.)  Mickael thought about it, but he thought Max would probably be OK.  So I ordered the sheets.
Yesterday I put them on the bed for the first time, and as I was getting the fitted sheet on the mattress, Max heard the sound of bed making and came tearing in to assist.  He jumped up, all ready to be “helpful," and as soon as he landed, he saw the pattern.  He stopped.  He lay down on the bed.  And then he sat there staring at it.  He spent a good long while staring at it.  I stopped making the bed for a bit so he could get a feel for the new patterned sheets.  When I came back later and finished the bed, he climbed between the blankets to take a nap.  By bedtime last night, he just jumped into bed and climbed under the covers the way he always does, so I guess we’re good.  He didn’t kill us in our sleep and he doesn’t seem to be weirded out any more.

Finally, in other random news, UPS showed up yesterday with the new Restoration Hardware catalogs.  Yes, you read that right, they shipped them through UPS.  According to the label, the whole package, which is kind of huge, weighs 12 pounds.  Really?  The funny thing is, we bought some paint samples there like three years ago.  That’s it!  Part of me wants to do a Kramer and drop the catalogs off at the store and make a run for it, but the closest store is 45 minutes away and I’m too lazy to drive that far.  I haven’t even opened the shrink wrap that’s holding them together.  I’m still in shock at the whole catalog situation.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We got a tickle from your sheets story, as our cats insist on helping play "make the bed", too. But really, could you have PICKED a more challenging print for the poor cat? Glad he's adapting, and suggest a simple floral next time.

Hugs to all, furry and otherwise.

9:12 AM  
Blogger Judy said...

My Coley always has to help Mom make the bed, whether it is "clean sheet Saturday" or just a regular make the bed day he HAS to help. I hate to tell him he is really no help at all. LOL

12:10 PM  
Blogger Merry Karma said...

Right?!? What is it with Restoration Hardware and their catalogues? UPS? Did they rob a bank? Are their retained earnings fat these days?

I like your sheets and am glad that the feline family member approves.

5:34 PM  

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