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Monday, July 07, 2014

I Got Some Knitting Done This Weekend

Actually, I got a lot of knitting done.  I ended up being sick this weekend and all I felt like doing was knitting.  So I did!  I got the entire body of my Storyteller Hoodie finished and the shoulders grafted together.  Then I wove in all the ends before I started the hood.  The thing at the top with the needles hanging out is the beginning of the hood.  I’ve alternated skeins all the way through it and I’m halfway through Skein 3 and have just begun Skein 4.  (Yes, I sat down and put them in order before I started knitting to try to avoid color issues.  This is how I deal with hand dyed yarns.)

Once I finish the hood, I’ll have the front bands and sleeves to do.  The sleeves are little, but depending on how much yarn I have, I might make them a little longer.  Or I might not do sleeves at all, but instead just work bands at the armholes and call it a day.  I haven’t decided yet.  Oooooh, this is getting suspenseful!  Here’s the Rav link to my project page.

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Blogger Gina said...

Wow! I am so impressed with your progress. It seems only yesterday that this was a mere unidentifiable strip. I can't wait to see which of your adorable critters will model this one.

10:44 PM  

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