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Friday, September 12, 2014

A Few More Squares

I periodically (when I’m not casting on for new things) add a few squares to the blanket.  You can kind of start to see how I’m working this - I’m alternating light and dark, and I’m doing one warm square, followed by two cool squares.  Sort of.  It’s not carved in stone and sometimes I just grab something and make a square of it, but by having a loose pattern to follow, I don’t drive myself crazy overthinking things (or maybe I’ve already done the overthinking when I started working in a pattern).  The next square will be a dark, warm color, if you’re curious.

Have a great weekend!  We’re listening to the dulcet tones of brick masons doing what ever it is that they do.  I think we’ve got another week of re-bricking and then they’ll come put our downspouts and light fixtures back on the house, as well as all the other things that were taken off before this started.  After that we’re going to have a discussion about the shrubbery.  In case you were curious, shrubbery doesn’t like re-bricking projects.

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