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Friday, September 05, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom!

Tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday (GeorginaBow on Ravelry if you want to say Happy Birthday to her, or you can leave a comment here) and for part of her birthday gift this year, I made her a few things.

When I was little, Mom made me entire wardrobes for my dolls (and our kittens wore them too).  As I got older, she taught me how to sew, cross stitch, do embroidery, and even attempted to teach me to knit (the knitting didn’t take until later).  She has spent countless hours making me things over the years.  It’s easy to look at someone who is constantly creating things like this and think that they wouldn’t want something you made, since they can make it themselves.  On the other hand, creative people know that when you make something  for them, you’re giving them more than the finished project, you’re giving them your time, your creativity, your effort, and your love.  While there are non-creative people that are worthy of our efforts, they don’t always understand everything that is part of a handmade gift.
I had seen the Little Cotton Rabbit patterns (they aren’t all rabbits, there are also foxes and elephants available as patterns) and decided to make Mom a Bunny Girl.  I made her with Berrocco Ultra Alpaca in I used the Elephant Girl legs (all the bodies are the same size, so the dress and sweater patterns will fit all of them) because I didn’t want to make her wear tights (tights are too hot in Texas most of the year).  I gave her black Mary Janes so they’d go with any outfit she wears, and blue knickers for the same reason.
Then she needed some clothes.  I made her a simple, saffron yellow dress (it’s the dress pattern that comes with the bunny girl, knit without the dots, in one color), and I made her a cardigan to go over it.  The temps will be dropping around her for Fall soon!  The cardigan pattern is in the Seasonal Sweaters pattern set.  (Sorry about the bad color in the photo, we have blue plastic on all our windows to protect them from the brick work and it’s made photographing warm colors impossible.)
I also made her a party dress from the Seasonal Dresses pattern set.  She needed something to wear for Mom’s birthday!
The directions for both the bunny and the dresses and cardigan are very well written.  There are lots of pictures to help with the step by step.  All of the pieces are knit flat and then seamed because you use the seams for shaping.  This adds more work, but I think it pays off in the finished project.

I hope Mom enjoys her little bunny girl and of course she’ll need more dresses periodically!

Happy Birthday Mom!



Blogger Suzi Barnes said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! What cute little outfits for the cute little bunny.

6:28 PM  
Anonymous Janet said...

I think that you gift is wonderfully thoughtful. Happy Birthday to you Mom.

10:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also love the sweet gift you made for your Mom. You're a very thoughtful daughter!

Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!

11:24 PM  
Blogger Maxine said...

Happy Birthday, Georgia. Love your mystery shawls.

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Elsie in MD said...

What a lovely gift for your mother. Happy Birthday Georgina!

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was quite speechless about my bunny. She is adorable. You could not have given me a more meaningful surprise. I don't know whether you saw them or not, but there were tears in my eyes when I opened the gift.

I loved making new wardrobes for each of your dolls and was really a bit sad when you were too old to want a new doll. Of course, other things took their place, and I loved teaching you how to do things yourself.

I am extremely proud to claim you as my daughter, and I cherish our knitting time together.

All my love, Mother

11:15 PM  

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