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Wednesday, October 08, 2014


I’ve finished my first project for Loopy Academy, Freshman Year, Semester One:  the cowl!  It still needs to be blocked and have the yarn ends trimmed, but the knitting is all finished.  The blocking will open up the lace patterns better and will make the lower section less ruffly.  Here is a link to my project page, if you’re curious.  Oh, and the lower part that’s darker?  That’s the second skein (yes, I should know better by now).  Fortunately, the difference is much more subtle in real life, it just photographs as much darker than the top.

I still have to make the hat and the mittens to finish this first semester’s projects, but those should both work up pretty quickly.  I have the yarn for them already, so once I wind it, I’ll be ready to go.  I’m leaning towards starting the hat next, but I might wait until I finish my second sock and then start the mittens.  (For some reason, having two projects with two parts each seems excessive to me.  No idea why.)

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Blogger sumik said...

That looks beautiful!

I just picked up my yarn at the post office over the weekend. . . started winding it and alas! (but not surprisingly) tangled it. Sigh. Good thing there is a whole semester left, right?

9:12 AM  

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