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Monday, September 29, 2014

Zippy Little Sock

Every time I sit down to knit this sock, it feels like it just zips right along.  It’s such a simple stitch pattern and so perfect for an easy pair of socks.  I made it to the heel this weekend and decided to do a Fish Lips Kiss heel for these instead of a heel flap.  Max even sat in my lap a little bit while I knitted on these.  (Max isn’t much for sitting ON laps, he likes to sit right next us, cuddled up close, but not on our laps.)

In house news, the port-a-loo was taken away over the weekend without once being knocked over.  I’d like to thank the high schoolers of north Texas for their restraint and maturity in the matter.  Clearly they are destined for greatness.  The only thing that’s left in cleanup after The Great Re-Bricking is to repair the window that they broke when they were removing the old bricks.  The fact that they only broke one is amazing.  They only broke the outer of the two panes, so it wasn’t a huge problem and it will be repaired/replaced tomorrow morning.  Then, everything is all finished!  I can’t believe we finally made it to this point!



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