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Friday, October 24, 2014

The Other Half of the Story

I showed you Mickael's and Caleb's Halloween costumes Monday, but now you get to see mine!  What goes with sharks?  A mermaid of course!
Fifi isn't quite wearing it right because she doesn't have arms.  The fish net that's around the waist is supposed to go over the shoulders, but it wasn't staying up on Fifi.  I do think it's pretty cute around the skirt though too, so I'll probably play with it both ways and decide on the day.  Also, Fifi doesn't have mermaid hair or mermaid makeup (because Fifi doesn't have a head and all) which helps with the whole mermaid look.
Here's a close up shot of the top.  I decorated it under the presumption that mermaids would accessorize with shells and pearls as well as objects found in shipwrecks and by the seashore where humans are.  Ariel from The Little Mermaid collected everything she could get from the surface world.
What kind of shoes do mermaids wear?  Since we learned in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (Max loves that movie) that when a mermaid dries out, her tail flipper turns into legs and feet, this was pretty easy.  I started with a pair of Crocs sandals and added shells, pearls, and crystals until they were mermaid appropriate.  I've got to try them on today now that the glue is dry and make sure nothing pops off when I walk.  (Yes, I finished the gluing last night.)

Oh, and if you ever need tons of sparkly crystals and half round pearls and tiny shells, Amazon has them for really good prices.  And just in case anyone is wondering, I used Beacon Gem-Tac to glue all of the stuff to the costume and shoes.  It dries clear, and according to the label on the back, it permanently "bonds embellishments to many surfaces including fabric, wood, glass, plastic and more."

Have a great weekend!  I'm relieved to have our Halloween costumes ready!



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