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Friday, March 06, 2015

One Little Bowl

I’ve gotten the lace knitted for the smallest of the bowls.  I sat down to start yesterday and decided to measure my bowls just to see how they compared to the pattern.  They don’t.  My bowls are taller and  have less circumference than the bowls in the pattern.  (This is part of the fun of felting.)  This meant I’d need to make some adjustments with the lace.  Fortunately, I was already thinking about doing something different because I really liked the lace they used on the medium bowl better than the small and large versions.  So I sat down with a tape measure and a calculator and started doing math.

This is the smallest bowl, and once I got it finished, I had a plan for the other two.  I hope to get them all finished this weekend and get the lace blocked on the bowls (that will keep the top edge from rolling).  The knitting doesn’t take long, but I have to keep checking the lace against the bowl as I go, so there’s lots of starting and stopping.

Have a great weekend and stay warm!



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