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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Big Damn Heroes

Knitting a really “readable”* lace pattern is almost as easy as working stockinette stitch.  The Big Damn Heroes cowl/poncho/whatever definitely falls into the Readable Lace category.  I’ve been working along on it and it’s getting pretty big now!  I’ve got it gathered onto about a 30 inch needle, so Fifi can’t wear it until I get it completely finished.  Until then, it will be a gray blob of yarn.  It’s a really soft gray blob of yarn though (oh, Pashmina, how I love thee!) and it seems to be knitting up quickly.  Exactly what I need to work on when my mental skills might or might not be up to complex knitting!

*Readable lace is lace that is repetitive and looks like the chart it’s knit from.  If I mess up, I figure it out very quickly (within a couple of stitches), and can correct things.  Most lace can be “read,” but more complex patterns take longer to get a feel for and depending on the size of the repeat, it might take longer to figure out there’s a problem.

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