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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

I Have Yarn!

I have yarn for my mommy!  I’m not sure that I’m supposed to have this yarn, so I’m being very careful not to snarfle it and put it in my mouth and all the other things I really, really want to do with this yarn.  In fact, I’m completely avoiding eye contact with it because I don’t want to startle the yarn and make it run off.

Mommy told me that this yarn is for one of her Loopy Academy projects.  She says it’s for the Texture project and it’s Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Heavyweight in Big Brain Blue.  She hasn’t told me what she’s knitting with it yet, but she seems to know.  She did say she was going to wind it and start knitting today, so maybe she’ll tell all of us later this week.

Mommy said she got most of her Loopy Academy stuff yesterday so she’s ready to start making things!  I don’t know what Loopy Academy is.  I probably wouldn’t want to make eye contact with it.  I don’t make eye contact with my kitty, Max, and so far, he hasn’t killed me in my sleep.  Kitties are sharp and pointy, but Mommy says I’m a big, cuddly marshmallow.

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