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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fuzzy Stripes

My newest Mohair Bias Loop is progressing nicely.  I apologize about the picture, the sun doesn't come up before blogging around here right now.  Also, it's cold outside.  Not like New England cold, but North Texas cold, and I'm cold (which has nothing to do with the picture, but maybe my iPhone is also cold and tired).  Max is cold too and he's started something new to get warm.  When he climbs into bed (he sleeps under the covers with us), he rolls onto his side and puts all four of his cold, little feet against my belly.  Once they're warm, then he cuddles in normally and goes to sleep.  This is something he's started in the last week or so.  Hopefully when things start to warm up around here he'll stop using me as a toe warmer.  Maybe I should knit him some socks!

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