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Friday, February 19, 2016


Some of you might remember that a few years back I knit some leaves (I remember knitting them in the pickup line at the elementary school, it was that long ago).  We've used them as coasters on our kitchen table, but every year I think that maybe we should have more than leaves.  If I had more "things" I could switch them out seasonally or because it's Tuesday or whenever.  So yesterday I was Pinterest-ing (is that a verb yet?), and I wandered across this pattern for the Flower Power Dishcloth, and I thought they were adorable, and would be super cute on the table this spring, and before I knew it I had the pattern in knitCompanion, I had found a bag of Hobby Lobby's I Love This Cotton in various colors, and I was chaining for the start!  (And yes, it did happen that quickly.  There was no time for things like pausing for separate sentences.  Sometimes enthusiasm is a run-on.)

Anyway, by the time Vikings came on last night, I had made four of them!  The pattern is free and it's easy and fast.  I learned how to crochet through the back loop and how to make half double crochet stitches (look at me - that's four different crochet stitches now).  Also, I didn't work the last round of the pattern (round 8) because the flowers were big enough after round 7, and I liked their blobbiness.  Round 8 kind of defines the shape better.  I might make a few more this weekend because they're so cute and fast!

I hope you have a great weekend!

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