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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Loopy Academy, Sophomore Year, Semester Two, Yarn

I've started knitting on my Loopy Academy projects!  This is my multicolored yarn with a solid/tonal yarn project.  The yarns are Madelinetosh Pashmina.  Cove is my multicolored yarn in all it's blue and green and murky glory.  (Clearly, my love for Cove is showing no signs of letting up after all these years.)  My solid/tonal color is Undergrowth, a medium blue green.  I'm using these to knit Drachenfels, but I'm only using these two colors instead of three, as the pattern is written.

I didn't realize it when I chose the pattern, but the stitch pattern that gives you the little dots in this project is the same one used in the Carson Throw.  Drachenfels only uses one repeat periodically, so you only get one row of dots, where the Carson Throw uses multiple repeats, but the technique is the same.  I just thought it was funny that I'm working two unrelated patterns with the same stitch pattern.

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Blogger Kalessin said...

:D! It's named for a mountain where my parents live (and I've lived over 2/3 of my life). And I really like your colour choice! (Interestingly, it reminds me of the colour choice for a wedding I attended on that same mountain two years ago..)

5:43 AM  

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