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Monday, March 21, 2016

My Mermaid Has A Head...And A Name!

I've been crocheting!  This pattern is so well written, and she's really a pretty easy mermaid so far - as long as you can count.  I have trouble after I get past four, but I've learned that I need to turn off the TV and wait until after Max is asleep to work on her.  Otherwise I get all kinds of messed up, and Max decides to start a squabble with Logan and then they try to get me involved, and that isn't going to happen except that I still have to referee because Logan has feet the size of Max's head and he's trying to slap Max in the head, and Max uses teeth and goes for Logan's jugular vein, but thank heavens, Logan has a huge mane of hair around his neck, and what with all the puffing up, and hopping sideways at some point Max is going to hop on my iPad, which is where the pattern is and at the very least he's going to change what's on the screen, if he doesn't change the row, reset the pattern, and add his own annotations, and at that point I'm trying to remember if I've crocheted six single crochets or only five and where does the next decrease go?

I've learned to wait until certain furry people are asleep before working on the mermaid.  It's just better for everyone, including the mermaid.

Anyway, I have made her body and her head and she has eyes!  The pattern calls for 6mm eyes, which I have, but I had 9mm eyes in periwinkle blue (I'll get a better picture next time she gets blogged, when I can get one in daylight) from this Etsy seller, and they're so pretty, I knew they'd be perfect for my mermaid, so I'm using slightly bigger eyes.  She obviously still needs arms and hair and flippers at the end of her tail*, but she's looking more mermaid-y!

Finally, I figured out her name, so I don't have to call her "the mermaid" anymore.  I've decided that she's Lorelai (Laura-lie), named after the German Siren

OK, on proofreading today's post, I realize that it's kind of one big run on sentence, but I've decided to leave it that way, because that's the way my brain is working today.  Some days are like this!

*I was going to make the flippers and attach them before I started the body, but I realized that a lot of the time, as I was working on her body, I had her balanced on her tail in my lap.  If I had jumped ahead and added her flippers, they might be squished by the time I finish the rest of her.  There's probably a reason the directions are in the order they're in!

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