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Monday, April 18, 2016

My Weekend

Over the weekend I decided to do a little housekeeping on my iPhone music.  There were a couple of songs we have on CD that for one reason or another, didn't get put into iTunes years ago, and there were some songs I wanted to buy.  I've always been comfortable using iTunes with my iPods/iPhones/iPads, so I grabbed the cord and hooked my iPhone into my laptop.

iTunes has changed a few things.  iTunes wants you to buy their music, not just upload what you already have.  I understand this, they're a business, businesses aren't charities.  There's always been a way to upload your own music before, and there still is, but it's a lot more difficult.  The problem wasn't uploading the tracks to my computer, but getting them onto my iPhone.  I did eventually manage it, but at some point during the process (I'm honestly not sure when the fateful moment occurred, I'm more aware of the emotional trauma that resulted from this moment), I went from almost 1000 songs to 349 songs.  I also lost all of my playlists.

Thousands of years ago, when we got our first iPods (mine was a first generation iPod mini - pink), we sat down with the entire CD collection and uploaded everything.  From that point forward, when we have upgraded to new iPods, then iPhones and iPads, we just installed everything from the previous device.  When I lost 600 songs, these were the songs that disappeared.  Ironically, the four songs I was trying to add did get added just fine.  Fortunately, we still have all those CDs so I started over, uploading the songs I wanted.  It took all weekend, but I got it done.  I reconstructed my running playlist as well as I could and I'm working on the other playlists.  I'm through the worst of this, but it took ALL weekend.  I got nothing else done.  I didn't knit a stitch ALL weekend.
Loopy Academy table runner. Feather Bed blocks.
Fortunately, I still haven't shown you what was originally supposed to be Friday's blog post, before the little birdy pincushion took over the blog.  I finished piecing the top for my table runner.  I now need to layer it, quilt it and bind it, but now that I've got my music sorted, I'll be able to do that soon.

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