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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I have knit all the way through the Musas color on my Cameo, so no more stripes, and that means lace!  The lace edging to this shawl is super simple, but adds a nice texture to it.  The Sandbank color reminds me of antique linen and I love the way it pairs with the dark tones in the Musas.  I actually ended up running out of Musas earlier than I was supposed to, so my Cameo has fewer stripes than the pattern calls for.  Fortunately, this is the kind of pattern where it's easy to start and stop the different sections without having to do complicated math types of things to get the sections to fit together.  I enjoy not having to do complicated math type things!

Also, just a note, I still haven't cast on for my next pink sweater!  I'm being such a good PinkLemon finishing other things first, I should get an award!  We won't discuss the two giant, honking blankets waiting for me to get back to them, shall we?



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