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Friday, August 19, 2016

Fifth Weaving Project Finished

Fifth weaving project 
I finished my Fifth Weaving Project!  By finished, I mean the weaving is finished and it's off the loom.  I still have to wash it, press it, and trim the fringe, but I'm calling it finished.
Fifth weaving project
I wove another section of fabric after finishing the scarf length.  The directions I use for figuring the warp length include a percentage for shrinkage, but I'm not sure it's necessary for superwash yarns.  I can see that a feltable wool or a shrinkable cotton might need it, but I'm not seeing this kind of take up on the superwash wool.  I could start making my warps a bit shorter, but if I leave them the way they are, I get to weave this extra little piece of fabric.  I'm thinking of using them for little zipper pouches, because everyone can use a zipper pouch.



Anonymous Joyce said...

Shrinkage seems to depend a lot on the yarn. Cotton shrinks a lot! I find there is natural pull-in on the width as I weave, but the length doesn't always change much. I also find I tend to weave every last bit that I can... :) On the scarves I've done, I usually soak them to get them good and wet, then toss them in the washer just to spin out the water, and finally put them in the dryer with a towel and dry them on low or medium heat. That way they should be shrunk as far as they'll go, and if the final recipient tosses it in the dryer it shouldn't suddenly be way too short. They only one I didn't do that with was one I did from ribbon yarn and cotton, and it is labeled to hand wash and lay flat to dry.

9:06 AM  

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