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Thursday, August 04, 2016

The Next Weaving Project

Next weaving project 
I still have to do the finishing work on my Fourth Weaving Project that I showed you yesterday, fresh off the loom, but I've got the Fifth Weaving Project all planned!  I hope to get the loom warped this weekend.  This will be another scarf, but this one might not have fringe.  I've got to see how it weaves up, but it might be a man scarf, so I'll probably do something different on the ends.

The yarn is Jellybeans Yarns from Etsy.  Both are fingering weight sock yarns.  The warp will be Spice Market (the browns on the lower left) and the weft will be Tulip (the blue multicolor on the upper right).

Just in case you were wondering if scarves are all I'll ever weave, my next, next project (the one after this one, AKA The Sixth Weaving Project) will be not a scarf, but a wrap!  Of course a wrap is really just a wider and longer scarf, but still, it's different!



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