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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Featherweight Cardigan

Featherweight cardigan in pop rocks 
This little cardigan has been a great project to work on while I've been sick.  There's nothing like stockinette for simplicity!  I've finished the body of the cardi and I tried something new with the ribbing.
Featherweight cardigan in pop rocks
On the lower edge, I did a K3, P1 rib because I wanted enough ribbing to keep the edge from curling (once it's blocked), but not so much that it drew in.  For the front/neck band I did the same K3, P1 rib for the fronts, but I switched to K2, P2 for the back neck area.  I've knit this cardigan several times before and know from experience that the back neck and shoulder section of the band needs to draw in so it lays right at the back neck.  If it's just knit straight, it flops around.  The K2, P2 compresses enough that it lies right for the shaping.  I don't think it's super obvious that I changed the ribbing and I figured with my long hair, it probably won't show anyway, but it solved the fit problem!



Blogger Linda Romar said...

That's very ingenious. I am terrible at winging it - I can't visualize things and math is my enemy. Even arithmetic doesn't like me much. I wonder if I can do something like that on my Cattails cardigan. Off to look at it. I haven't worn it since I finished it last year. :-(

4:13 PM  

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