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Friday, September 09, 2016


Loralai the mermaid 
Remember her?  Lorelai is my Mici the Mermaid.  I started her back in February and she's spent most of that time just sitting there.  I've been working on her here and there though and I've now got all the little parts of her made and ready to sew together!  Clockwise from the top is her hair cap* (this gets sewn to her head and then her hair is attached to it - that way she won't have white spots trying to peek through her hair), arms, stars (these are for her bra - starfish!), and her fins.  I will have to finish the tie on her belt and add her hair, but for the most part, I need to sit down this weekend with a needle and some pins and start sewing her together.  I hope to get her together soon because I'm going to be making Sepp the Seahorse by the same designer for my toy for Loopy Academy this fall!

*I'm not doing hair like the pattern has.  I wouldn't need the hair cap for that.  I'm going to do a more traditional, long mermaid hair kind of thing.  Hopefully.



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