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Thursday, October 06, 2016

My Blue Fluffy Unicorn

Something I've been thinking about lately is that if I had a plain stockinette project, I could knit by feel and not really have to look at it.  That way, when I'm having a bad eye day, I'm not stuck doing nothing (which I don't really do very well at all).  I've been avoiding starting something like that because I've got so many things on the needles/hooks right now:  the red gloves, the seahorse, the pullover (which is waiting for me to do a provisional cast on for the body), my Carson throw, and my cool colored Meditative blanket.  That's not even counting things that are in time out or are just kind of constantly going (hexipuffs) and it doesn't count weaving (or spinning, which I haven't done in ages).  Anyway, because of all this, I've been avoiding casting on a simple stockinette project.  I felt very responsible about not casting on, but I could kind of tell I needed something simple.
Blue Fluffy Unicorn
Finally, last night I caved.  I was actually too lazy to go upstairs and wind yarn on the swift and ball winder so I just opened up the skein over my knees and hand wound the ball (which I should also be able to do on a bad eye day).  Then I cast on for a plain vanilla, stockinette sock.  I made it past the ribbing and have just started the leg.  Now that I'm to the stockinette section, I should be able to knit by feel and I won't have to sit there like a lump when I don't feel like working anything more complex.  The yarn is Sparkle Sock from The Lemonade Shop and the colorway is Blue Fluffy Unicorn.  The sparkles and magic rainbow-ness of it all make me giggle!



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