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Monday, November 14, 2016

The Carson Throw

Carson throw. 
I am trying to get this project finished.  It was the only thing I worked on all weekend and I'm just past the halfway point in the edging.  There are almost 1000 stitches per round so it's not particularly fast.  Finishing it earns six stars for my Eat.Sleep.Knit. team (the Rabbiteers), plus it's worth a few badges in Boosterthon, but honestly at this point, I just want it finished.

I think I prefer a modular blanket like the Meditative Blanket and I'm wanting to get back to my Meditative Blanket.  I also enjoyed crocheting Caleb's Neat Ripple a few years ago - that was back and forth.  Maybe I just prefer to crochet blankets instead of knitting them.

Anyway, I'm going to keep pushing on this until it's finished, so this might be a very boring week of blogging.  You've been warned.



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