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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I've started the third color in Ashburn!  See the light blue green there?  That's it!  Also, while the middle textured part was fun to knit, it wasn't particularly fast, so I'm happy to be back to mostly garter stitch as the rows get longer and longer.  The directions for this shawl have it divided into thirds, which correspond with the main color used.  I'm not sure if the thirds are equally divided by the amount of work each one is made up of, but it does make me feel good to have two-thirds completed.  If anyone has knit this shawl and already knows that the final third is actually more like half the shawl and it just takes months to knit because it goes on forever, please don't tell me until I get mine finished.  According to the directions, I'm two-thirds finished and my brain doesn't need to know otherwise.

Also, it's big enough now that I have to stand on a table to get the whole thing in photograph.  Just in case you were wondering how big it was.



Blogger Susanne said...

It appears as if you are knitting another mermaid!! lovely colours.

11:47 AM  

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