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Friday, April 14, 2017

Marled Magic Mystery Shawl - Finished!

Gypsy Mermaid finished 
I finished knitting my shawl from the Westknits 2017 MKAL!  This was so much fun to work.  The whole thing is done holding two strands of fingering weight yarn at once, so depending on how you change yarns and how often you change them, you can get all kinds of different color effects.  I loved watching the colors change and each section is a little different - not just in the stitches used, but also the way the colors are worked.  I used the design to use up some leftover stash yarn, and this time I actually didn't buy any new yarn - it's 100% stash leftovers!  The finished shawl weighs 668 grams, so since my starting pile of yarns weighed over 1500 grams, I used just under half of what I started with.
Gypsy Mermaid finished
My favorite part of the whole shawl had to be the brioche part (in the picture above, it's the section at the top left that looks like horizontal rib).  I've never done brioche before but I've seen some really interesting patterns that use it (mostly two color brioche, which this is not, but you have to start somewhere), so I've been curious.  This little bit of brioche was really fun and I'm definitely wanting to do more.  (I might have bought the Craftsy class on brioche knitting last weekend, but Max likes watching Craftsy too for some reason.)  The braid and tassel was also a fun way to deal with some of the ends.  I only went with one tassel on the main point because Max may or may not allow a tassel in the house.  I didn't see any reason to make more when it might be ferociously disemboweled.  We'll have to see what happens.

Caleb saw me blocking the finished shawl and he told me he thinks it's the strangest thing I've ever knit.  He might be right, but I love it!



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