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Friday, May 05, 2017

Getting There!

I've finished the knitting on the body of my Eyre pullover.  The back was partially blocked when I was trying to measure the lace section, but most of it isn't blocked yet.  There is a ribbed edge at the lower front, but it's rolling right now so you can't see it.  I will be blocking the whole thing this weekend (and trying to keep Logan from laying on it and "helping").  Then I will seam the front and back together at the sides before I start the sleeves.

The sleeves are picked up and knit from the top down, so once I finish those, there won't be anymore seaming.  There's a narrow neckband, but I haven't decided if I'll do it before or after the sleeves.  I'll make that decision later.
In completely non-knitting related news we had a nature sighting yesterday.  Mickael startled this little guy out of wherever he was hiding when he (Mickael) went to mow the backyard.  The little bunny squished himself into the gap between the house foundation and the patio and tried to become invisible.  Those are standard size bricks he's next to - he would absolutely fit in a teacup.  He stayed there for several hours (long enough that I took him a small bowl of water and some carrots), but when I took Logan out (leashed) at bedtime, the little guy had gone home and we saw his mom in the yard.  I'm guessing they had quite a discussion last night.

Have a great weekend!

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