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Friday, April 21, 2017


Isobel's Antique lace 
This thing is just flying off the hook!  Using a big hook and fine yarn probably helps to make it look like it's going quickly, but it really feels like it's practically crocheting itself!  I've worked the first section of shells and the first lace section (you can kind of see the more open section - that's the lace) and now I'm back to shells again.  Each row gets a little bit longer than the previous one, but the crocheting is really simple.  I've been rewatching True Blood and just working away at this in the evenings (definitely a TV project). 

I'd also like to mention how much I'm enjoying this yarn.  It feels amazing.  This is my first time using it (Winning by Nerd Girl Yarns) but I think I'll be using it again.  It's perfect for Texas!

Have a great weekend!

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