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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I'm Back!

Saturday morning we woke up and the Internet was out.  I went for a run and left Mickael to deal with rebooting the router and sorting things out.  Unfortunately, it wasn't that simple.  Not only was our Internet out, but our landline phone and our cable TV - the entire FiOS system was out at our house.  Caleb said it went out about 1:30 AM (he was still up, playing online games with his friends), so at that point he went to bed.  Long story short, we just got everything fixed yesterday afternoon, but we're up and running now!
Rose Gold shawl
I did start a new brioche project over the weekend!  This is the beginning of Rose Gold.  I fell in love with this the first time I saw the pattern.  I'm knitting it with two 2-Ply Gradient Sets from Miss Babs - Canis Major (which seems to be sold out) and Beachcomber.  I love the look of the sample in the pattern, but I just cannot wear golden tones.  I think this will work out better for my coloring.
Rose Gold shawl
I'm still on the first mini skein of each gradient set (I'm starting with the lightest tones), but I've gotten far enough that I can see the shape it will be and I have a feel for the pattern.

Last Friday, KayT of the Comments asked about brioche knitting and if the Meandering Shawl I just finished would be a good place to start.  To answer her question, yes.  The Meandering Shawl was the first two color brioche I'd ever knit.  The first time I ever did brioche knitting at all was the WestKnits MKAL this past February or March.  The Meandering Shawl is also designed by Stephen West and his directions are excellent.  I had no problem figuring out what to do as long as I took it step by step and just followed the directions.  One thing about two color brioche - it takes a few rows before you can actually see what it's doing.  I do have Nancy Marchant's Knitting Brioche book and while I haven't read the whole thing through, I can tell that it has a lot of information.  I also have her Craftsy class Explorations in Brioche Knitting, which is very similar to the book, but you can see the stitches being made and I know some people prefer to learn through videos rather than books.  The Rose Gold pattern is written by Andrea Mowry and while there are some differences in her pattern from Stephen West's (which you would expect since they're different designers and all), her directions also seem to be great.  I hope this answers Kay's question, as well as helps anyone else who was wondering the same thing!

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Blogger kayT said...

Thanks very much! Your reply is helpful and encouraging. I love the look of your shawl and once get some of my WIPs turned into FOs I will find yarn and begin. And if I get stuck I know where to find you. :)

8:10 PM  

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