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Thursday, July 06, 2017

On the Edge!

Rose gold 
I've begun the edging on my Rose Gold wrap!  As a happy little coincidence, I hit the edging stitch count just as I was finishing up the fourth shade of my gradient, so I started the fifth shade and the edging at the same time.  There's only one more (darker) shade after this!  The edging is a little more involved than the rest of the wrap, so it is moving slower, but I'll keep plugging away at it until it's finished.  It is fun doing different shapes and designs with the brioche though.

I haven't really decided what shawl to knit after this.  I had figured I would be brioche-d out and be ready to take a break from the stitch, but I'm not sure that's true at all.  I'm really trying to knit from my stash this year (ignoring the fact that I totally ordered yarn just for this project, but other than that...), so I'll have to do some stash diving to see what I've got that will work for brioche.  I don't tend to buy yarn for two (or more) color projects (obviously, this is something I need to practice), so there's no telling what's up there.  I've got some time to decide, but once I hit the edging on a project I tend to start thinking ahead.

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