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Friday, May 25, 2018

Around The Bend

Ink skyp socks 
...of the heel that is.  I'm knitting my way down the foot of Mickael's second sock.  The second one always goes so much faster than the first because I know exactly how many rounds I need to knit.  Some people work with measurements but my socks knitting revolves around the round counter.

These socks are also a great illustration of the variation of hand dyed yarns.  Both socks are being knit from the same skein of yarn (Madelinetosh Twist Light in Ink), but the end of the skein I started with on the first sock was dark.  It's gotten lighter as I worked my way through the skein.  The pattern is more visible on the second, lighter sock but that's the fun part of hand dyed yarns.  That's also why I alternate skeins on larger projects, even if I can't tell that there's any difference between skeins.

Have a great weekend!



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