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Friday, June 22, 2018


Clair de lune 
I've worked another section of my Clair de Lune cardigan.  This is the most complicated thing I've knit in a while, but I'm really enjoying it.  I think it helps that I've knit the Frost Flowers stitch pattern several times before.  Being comfortable with the basic stitch pattern (there are no rest rows on the wrong side - it's all lace) makes it easier to figure out what's going on in the design.  Also, I've been leaving the TV off while I knit this.  I just feel like it needs all of my attention.

In non knitting news, yesterday afternoon I cut out two more of the dresses I showed you on yesterday's blog.  I hope to get them stitched up over the weekend (I'll sew them at the same time because they both need navy thread) and I'll show them to you next week!  Have a great weekend!

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