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Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Granny goes large 
I'm still working one side of my Granny Goes Large each evening.  It's not super fast but it is forward progress and I'm not injured.  I've worked five rounds since you last saw it.  I haven't measured the blanket lately but it's getting to a decent size.  I plan to just keep crocheting until I run out of all my yarn except the border yarn, and then I'll finish it off with the border.  As I run out of colors, I'll just drop them from the rotation (I didn't have equal amounts of all the colors when I began).  This particular repeat will be missing a color that was in previous repeats, and the next repeat will lose at least one more color.  This probably isn't the most scientific way to make a blanket, but it's working and I think it will be a happy, bright blanket when it's finished.

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Anonymous Clipping Path said...

This is lovely. keep it up

9:08 PM  

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